The Re-authoring Impulse – Short documentary by filmmaker Susie Forster

Artist: Scott Trevelyan, 2016 PHOTO: Ben Wyeth
Hive of Hellp, 2016 (detail) Artist: Scott Trevelyan, PHOTO: Ben Wyeth


From the seed of an idea in November 2014 and the culmination of this Northern-rivers based artist-run project in a collaborative exhibition project in November December 2016, two interrelated exhibitions, The Re-authoring Impulse and A Decade of Catharsis, so many shared transformations experienced along the path.


You can glimpse something of the exhibition and the fabulous opening night celebrations here, with special acknowledgement to filmmaker Susie Forster, thanks Susie from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to make this wee doco….we hope that this “diffability” project might inspire other artists in regional and urban loci to create and share their own artist-run initiatives via social media and to help raise awareness of artist agency and increase artist professional development, studio, exhibition and networking opportunities.


Documentary – Epicormia Collective – The Re-authoring Impulse


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