Six professional, established, Northern Rivers Based Artists living and working with integrated artist-run practice, collaboration, disability and mindfulness.

Epicormia Collective - The Re-authoring Impulse
2016 Epicormia Collective – (L – R) Artists Jeremy Hawkes, Julianne Zoviar Clunne, Julie Milner Barratt, Paul Andrew, Marion Conrow, Scott Trevelyan. We began the Epicormia Collective in November 2014 received the greenlight for ARTS NSW R & D funding in May 2015 and so much has happened since, change is magic.Thanks Arts NSW and Accessible Arts!


Scott TREVELYAN – Printmaking & Installation Art
Marion CONROW – Photomedia, Video & Installation Art
Julianne CLUNNE – Painting, Light Boxes
Julie BARRATT – Artist Books and Audio Installation, Printmaking
Jeremy HAWKES – Drawing, Painting & Installation
Paul ANDREW – Photomedia, Video & Installation Art, Writing



Artist-run, collective, collaboration, global culture local colour, relational aesthetics, infrastructural activism, Epicormia, Epicormic Growth, Neural Poetics, Transformative Practice, Digital Communities, Community Strengthening, Community Engagement.