Installations in Sand Dunes, Painting with Rosewater – Julianne Zoviar Clunne




Shelburne Bay, Artist Julianne Zoviar Clunne
Shelburne Bay, Artist Julianne Zoviar Clunne, gathering driftwood for an installation work set into the dunes.



I first started using crystals mixed into my paints after doing a series of installations atop large quartz crystal sand dunes in Shelburne Bay in the early 1990’s.


The process has evolved over time to me using even finer powdered Laminar crystals combined with Rosewater ( Rosewater, from my years living in Penang having an Indian love and spending afternoons winding my way through the noisy bustling alleyways of Little India ).




I first stumbled across Laminar crystals thru the work of Jim Carter who had developed “Prill Beads”…tiny white beads that can be used to clear the vibration of water and purportedly developed to clean up nuclear radiation spills . He developed the Prill Beads by mixing Laminar Crystals with clay and firing them at high temperatures in the form of tiny beads .


Most of the water I personally drink sits in this technology for several hours before I drink it . Not only is it supposed to clear radiation it is claimed that it shifts the energetic frequency and can be detected by some psychic folk as having a blue aura and in resonance with the vibration of love .

This was a shot taken before I began making huge markings over a quarter acre crystal quartz canvass …I do have slides of the images from then but non I can access immediately…so this was the setting …maybe 100ft above our camp below on the beach …scorching hot March afternoon in 1992.





I sat down and meditated / prayed and asked to be able to create great art …sounds kind of weird saying that now but …there ya go …that’s what I did . What followed was the first time in my life I felt I had heard the voice of God …I heard an almost booming voice inside me say



WOW …it means something totally different to me now …but then in that moment minutes before I threw myself into a frenzy of placing sticks ,sculptured driftwood and photographic images on the peaks of the dunes which I then trailed down the slope from each focal point with large markings and chiseled out patterns using my hands like a lino cutting tool into the virgin sand hillside .

Those words were freeing to me at the time I heard them …gave me permission to move beyond any mind centred focus and create what wanted to come into being . It was filmed for the documentary I was participating in and like I said I have a box of slides of the end result somewhere in my archive , But a part of me knew these works were best viewed in the heavens …in that moment . They were created high above the rest of the population …the winds of time would erode them but for some reason they were relevant …in that moment .




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