The Re-authoring Impulse Exhibition – Installation Views – Thanks Ben Wyeth Photography

Remember the Milk, artist book, Artist Julie Barratt, 2016 Photo: Ben Wyeth



Northern-Rivers based artist and photographer Ben Wyeth kindly helped us with professional documentation of the exhibition for promotion, networking and professional development opportunities. Thanks Ben we love your work 🙂



Ossuary, 2017 Installation View, Artist Jeremy Hawkes Photo: Ben Wyeth


Here are a few views for you to get an idea of the collaboration and new works produced during the two year development process.



AXIS Art Projects Wunderkamer #2, Does New York Exist? BNE-NYC 1988-2016 (Detail)  Artist, Paul Andrew, see more about the 1980- Now Australian Artist-Run Scene at



Keep an eye out for the exhibition catalogue on Blurb. Buying this catalogue will help us fund the web site costs over the next year to help us to continue to raise our artist profiles and enhance our co-creative networking opportunities locally and globally. Thanks for your support we are truly grateful.

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