Two days of intensive installation, two years of re-growth and regrowing….NRCG Ballina

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A wee photo essay thanks so much to so many including NRCG Ballina Director Lee Mathers and gallery assistant Lauren Brumby, installation team Tim and Chaz, and to the amazing Lisa Knight who has so kindly helped the Decade of Catharsis exhibition sing on the gallery walls. It’s been an amazing two days of installing and problem solving, and it feels good to see the show up and atom at NRCG Ballina…..

On a personal note thanks so much to the kindness, generosity and passion of artists and mentors Julie Barratt, Scott Trevelyan, Julianne Zoviar Clunne, Jeremy Hawkes and Marion Conrow who during the last two years together have helped make the impossible possible.

I am feeling truly blessed, for all the magic of peaks and the valleys, challenges, learning, problem solving, innovating, regrowing and an ocean of imagination shared along the way.


Paul Andrew

Epicormia Collective, Project Co-ordinator, Artist Curator,

The Re-authoring Impulse.



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