The Impact of the ARI Remix Living Archives, Artist-Runs Project –

Street Art, NYC 1988 -
AXIS Art Projects ( Artists Jay Younger, Lehan Ramsay & Paul Andrew), East Village Street Art Archives, BNE-NYC 1988 – 2016 –


Research and development on the collaborative ARI Remix Project: Living Archives, Artist-Runs began in earnest in November 2012. Four years on this project is now well into development, and is designed as a three to four year research and development initiative and expanded view on artist-run heritage in Queensland since 1980. In time it is hoped that the project with embolden and ennoble other artists directly engaged in artist-runs in NSW and ACT since 1980 to develop and share the url links for their own co-archival development and research sites. We believe a broader, truer, diverse and more inclusive account of an Australian art history canon is both vital and necessary.

The ARI Remix project was included as an artwork in the related, independent but complimentary Ephemeral Traces exhibition curated by collaborator and colleague Peter Anderson at the University of Queensland Art Museum in April this year.

And the project has been influential in the development of similar living archives projects you can read about on the site and has been a direct influence on and motivation behind initiating the Epicormia Collective artist-run in January 2015.

As is the case with artist-runs arising out of necessity, adaptation, problem solving and innovation the Epicormia Collective, an integrated artist-run comprising artists living and or working with arts and disability in the Northern Rivers region is designed to produce added professional development, networking and profile raising opportunities for six artists, Julie Barratt, Julianne Zoviar Clunne, Marion Conrow, Scott Trevelyan, Jeremy Hawkes and yours truly.


The Epicormia project is also designed to help create new infrastructural artist-run models for the region, expanded exhibitionary platforms ( through this shared website and the production of new artist web sites, via social media and at artist studios in the region including Lismore Art Space in Lismore, Silvercloud Studios in Lismore, Jedda Studios in Ballina and Willowbank Studios in Alstonvale) and added to these items, a direct or indirect engagement with the curatorial premise of re-authoring, the positive and/ or re-imagined use of metaphor.

We would like to take this opportunity to share the details here with you about the exhibition content, dates and indeed the opening night details. And we would like acknowledge with gratitude the help, support and encouragement of NRCG Ballina and curatorial team Lee Mathers and Lauren.


Thursday 24 November 2016
5.30pm – 7.30pm

The Re-authoring Impulse
The Epicormia Collective

Julie Barratt | Julianne Zoviar Clunne | Marion Conrow I Jeremy Hawkes | Scott Trevelyan | Paul Andrew
Six Northern Rivers artist’s inspired by the botanical term “epicormic” meaning new or adventitious growth from a dormant bud, or after trauma.

Artists throughout history grapple with ways and means of re-representing, re-imagining or re-authoring everydayness, dailiness, the quotidian.

For these six artists the quotidian is equally a site of flux, poetry, pain, beauty, abjection, opportunity and transformation.


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