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  1. (of a shoot or branch) growing from a previously dormant bud on the trunk or a limb of a tree.

The Epicormia Collective is an integrated artist-run comprising six interdisciplinary artists inspired by the term “epicormia” meaning adventitious growth after trauma or dormancy…

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Six professional, mid career, Northern Rivers Based Artists living with and/ or working with arts and disability, artist-led collaboration and mindfulness. The 2016 Epicormia Collective members are Scott Trevelyan, Julie Milner Barratt, Julianne Zoviar Clunne, Marion Conrow, Jeremy Hawkes & Paul Andrew.

We use the term integrated artist-run for this artist-led collaboration as the group comprises interdisciplinary artists living with past, present and future disability. Including Acquired Brain Injury, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Encephalitis related disability and Parkinson’s disease. Together we envision this 18 month artist-run project as a useful “legacy model” to empower, embolden and ennoble other artists to initiate, create and develop there own artist-runs regardless of urban or regional loci and in turn to explore, unpack and re-imagine the re-authoring impulse.

Currently we are undertaking sixteen months professional research, self-directed development and production work for a multi-arts installation project scheduled to open on Thursday November 24, 2016 at the Northern Rivers Community Gallery located in Ballina.

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“This project is in partnership with Accessible Arts”




This project is supported by the NSW Government through Arts NSW

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